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 My name is Ellise & i am an Outdoor Family Portrait photographer located in the Hunter Valley, Australia.
Colours, texture, light, and special locations are just some of what inspires me most.
I adore my clients and photographing their beautiful families.
Photography has been a passion of mine for years.
It started when i brought my first camera and began photographing friends and family. 
That love turned into shear passion when i had my daughter 'Isla', and the camera hasn't left my hand since. 
My goal is to take those finer moments and turn them into still and timeless memories that you can share with the people you love and hang proudly on your walls.

I can't wait to photograph your life. 



I have put together a few examples of a before & after edit.

The above images show the picture captured in RAW, straight out of camera.

The image below is the Retouched version you will receive!

Once the photoshoot comes to an end, my job is only half way done.

There are many hours of additional work that goes into creating the images you end up with!

Once the SD card makes it way to my computer there is the lengthy process of sorting through hundreds of images, proof editing & proof gallery preparation.

Then once images are selected & favourites are returned I have to prepare final edits & re-upload images to a final gallery.

If clients have ordered prints I'm also ordering and preparing images to be printed.

There is a lot of time, effort & love that goes into the art of Photography.

A-lot of that is unseen and can be easily overlooked.


Welcome to Great Aussie Wanderlust! I’m a traveling photographer who just left on an adventure across Australia with my family. I’m passionate about sharing the beauty of Australia through my lenses, and I’m excited to update you on our journey and the amazing places we discover along the way. I hope to inspire you to explore this incredible country and find your own sense of wanderlust.

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